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Our first focus is to bring the fastest modeling workflow the world has ever seen to the media industry. News and other broadcasting media have daily deadlines, and we believe that our software can change the realm of whats possible with in their given time frame.


Professional VR Modeling Suite

The 3d modeling tools have been under constant development since their inception in the 80s however we believe that with the new leaps in VR technology, the entire tool set is ready for an overhaul. VR changes everything when it comes to 3d modeling.

Why Kodon Studio?

There are a few VR applications out there that allow you to 3d model, however none of them are truly focused on a complete professional workflow. Most are just for fun and those that have a more pro focus are very limited. We intend to bring the entire package.


VR Sculpting For Everybody

Kodon is now an early access product that you at any time can pay to test on steam. It is a product developed with our growing community. And will eventually be released as Kodon Basic. Our intention with Kodon is to develop a 3D modeling tool that anybody can use, Without previous knowlage about 3D or modeling.

Why Kodon Basic

3D modeling in VR is something everybody should at least try once. And Kodon Basic will provide a low barrier for entry into that space both in price and a user friendly experience. For now Kodon is our playground, a place where we try out ideas to see what works and what doesn't. It is also an experiment for us to learn what it is like to develop a piece for software in early access.